Friday, March 14, 2014

smile in retro for springtime

Nic smiles on the first picture. A smile for the Fab Free Challenge and she smiles because of springtime and her new retro dress. The dress is from the MEGAStuff hunt. You need find a  tiny shirt. It is #26.
The bag with ribbon is from S@bbia , just 50ld. With a click on the bag you get a menu to change the color of the ribbon.
The clutch is from the actuality birthday hunt. Find cupcakes.

Dress: *Just BECAUSE* - *Just BECAUSE* MEGAStuff Women's Gift - Eden - Teal Polka Dots(1ld)
Bag: S@BBiA:: - S@BBiA::Ribbon Straw bag (50ld)
Clutch: cranberry - Cranberry rose clutch - Captain Cupcake ( free)
From inventory: wedges - J's; Hair - A&A

Bye bye, Nic

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