Monday, March 24, 2014


Isn't she a cutie with her snoopy dogs? The clothes are with very different patterns but match because of the colors. The shoes are from a lucky chair in a shop with modern&retro shoes. The skirt is a groupgift and the sweater is from a lucky board. The hug snoopy is a groupgift and the snoopy on Nic head is a gift in the shop. Enjoy my findings.

Skirt: Klepsydra - Klepsydra - Mirona Skirt - Polka Dots - Gift (free)
Shoes: Lindy - Lindy MJ Flats Red-White (free)
Snoopy: M*G*S* -{M*G*S} Free Gift Snoopy *Head*(free)
Snoopy hug: M*G*S* -{M*G*S} Snoopy hug  (free)
Shirt: Bella's Lullaby - LB Prize Rosy Draped Shirt
From inventory :Hair - D!va (Maya)
Pictures made at Bella's Lullaby

Bye bye, Nic

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