Friday, April 12, 2013

whispering wind

Whispering wind is the name of the sim where tjip and Nic are at the pictures.

First Tjip was alone there, swimming in the woodlake. Then came Nic  and Tjip dressed himself for dinner together. He wears a bermuda and shirts  from the lucky board at Crickets. The armband the sunglasses, tattoo's, the necklace and the slippers are all included.
Dressed for dinner with Nic he wears the jacket from Vero Modero from the march groupgift for males. Tjip wears the jacket with a jeans. In the packet from Vero Modero is another pants included. The jeans is from the Alan outfit a gift at Ydea. I discovered a good skin in the Alan box. Never looked at it before. It is the skin with the beard on the pictures with the purple jacket. I am in love with the eyes from tjip as he wears this skin. They are so friendly and a bit teasing looking.

Nic's mint top is the new subscribe-o-gift at Kanou. Combined it with a white jeans. May be inspired by the blogpost from Love Trill where she describes what to wear with a mint jeans. She wears it with the white tank from the lucky board at C'est la Vie. Here is Love's post . Nice to see and read. Nic's earrings are from Violator. A new gift at the Zenshi mall. Sorry girls the pink jacket that i showed some post before this one (a gift at the Zenshi mall), was already gone very fast. But see the bag that one you can get now in the mall. With poses. Stay in the Avenue readers group and you get messages about new gifts at Zenshi.

Tjip wears:
Outfit last pictures: Crickets -C~ Erik Outfit ( free)
Skin and jeans: Ydea - oufit Alan  groupgift ( free)
Jacket: Vero Modero - VERO MODERO /  March Male Gift ( free)
From inventory: Chucks - Santo; Hair W&Y ( apollo)

Nic wears:
Top: Kanou - Kanou Grace Mint ( free)
Jewelry:  Violator at Zenshi mall- Violator-The Last Scream Earrings-Gold -bySVaher ( free)
Bag: BSD at Zenshi mall - {{BSD Design Stu0dio}}Fashion Blogger bag-blue green - 2 pose ( free)
From inventory: Jeans- Aoharu; shoes - epic; Hair - truth.

Bye bye, Nic
P.S.Do you think Tjip will go with her for dinner to a restaurant when Nic wears this hat? i think no.
It is the gift from BaObA at Zenshi mall. Miss butterfly hat. Better go then to the horse races Nic.

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