Saturday, April 13, 2013

sometimes all goes wrong

Nic's train got stuck. The rails are broken and all water around. How could that happen? What to do now? First sit and wait, but then she had to walk. Walking on the rail road with those new pumps. What a hell. But there is nothing to do then walk the whole way to another train. This can happen when you like travelling so much.

Nic wears new shoes from BDL. The designer BabyChampagne Sass makes beautiful things. So i am very happy to blog for her. The bag is also from BSD.
It are releases at the fashion week. The  fashion week started 12 april 2013. Here is the link

Nic's cute owl armband is the fifty linden friday item from erraric. I bought it saturday. So i hope you still can get it there too.
The grey armband ( and more in the box),the top and the short pants as well as the grey dress and pants (on the last picture) are gifts in the Deprived Nation Depot. I was there for the first time and discovered more then 40 gifts. I made these combinations to tell you about this depot. Have a look there.

Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design Studio}}Fashion Guru-grey and sunshine
Bag: BSD - {{BSD Design Studio}}supermodel amira- coffee croco ( 3 pose)
Bag below: BSD -{{BSD Design Studio}}supermodel amira- peacock( 3pose )
Bracelet:erratic -  erratic / owl bracelet / pinkgold FLF ( 50ld)
From the Depraved Nation Depot
Blue top:.:Damned Dolls:. Sushi Top- Blue ( free)
Yellow shorts:Short Sunflower **Myrai Style**( freee)
Tie : *** Just You Jewels *** Tie Catch Me Box ( free)
Grey dress( picture below) : Depraved Nation- Gift from Immerse Barbie City (free)
Pants(picture below): [[ Masoom ]] Aleena pants- unisex ( free)
From inventory: Hair- Dela

Bye bye, Nic

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