Monday, April 22, 2013

coffee in the garden of sorrow

The garden of Sorrow old place in sl..and it is still there. A place where people come for contemplation or  because of sorrow .. for broken relationships or to break up with a relation. But Nic came there for her pictures of the beautiful Gizza gown. She had to chase some men.. they did go stand behind her so picture making wasn't possible. May be they were fascinated by the lonely woman in her long gown. Speaks to the imagination i guess. Nic talked for a while with an Italian man. He was there to drink coffee with his friend  .. garden of sorrow .. drinking coffee... strange... was Nic's  thought. But ok she agrees it is a beautiful spot. And the total sim Midsummer Meadows is worth looking around with your BF or GF. It is romantic.

Nic's  dress is for romantic moments.
Love to show this one to you. Giz Seorn thanks for making this possible.

Gown: Gizza - GizzA - Gilda Gown - Mesh [Floral Brown]
From inventory: Hair - Dela; necklace -BSD Design studio

Bye bye, Nic
P.s. The Italian man weared Gizza ..the Italians have good taste isn't it?..His Armani clothes were in the laundry ( hehe).


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress... and the model more.

Greetings from Italy

Chalice Carling said...

I really do love that dress and your pics. The texture/color is amazing.

Nicandra Laval said...

hehe hope you did get your coffee anonymous.
Yes the dress texture/color is super Chalice.Totally agree. Happy you like the pics.

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