Wednesday, April 3, 2013

playing with dark light and shadow

I hope you like the pictures of this special environment. They have a dark sphere. But that has to be to get the a special mood. Although it is raining Nic is sitting relaxed with her little pig. Staring in the water. Is she becoming a sort of Narcissus, who loved the glance of his own face in the water? No it is all this together what she loves. She  loves lighthouses, strange lights, water, water reflections and a sort of unrealistic sphere.

Nic shows a fur vest and glitter pumps and earrings. All presents again from The event. Hollywood.
The earrings come with a menu. You can choose 4 color options of the lower part and 3 color options of the upper part.

All you can find : here
Vest:ZD -  [shine by [ZD] - Hollywood SwagBag ( free)
Heels: Epic - [Epic] - Hollywood SwagBag glitter heels ( free)
Earrings: me - {me.} Diva Wood Earrings (wear)

Bye bye, Nic


Chris Nocturn said...

where have you done the pics? That place looks so cool and lil bit spooky want to see it with my own eyes

Nicandra Laval said...

the pictures i took at the sim Winter Moon. It is worthwhile to look around there

Chris Nocturn said...

Thank you for the fast answer ^^

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