Tuesday, April 9, 2013


A quicky to tell you that you have  to run for the monday mania item from SF Design.It is still there. Hurry. Just 25ld and you get riding breeches in 4 colors. Good quality for sure. And it is nice to discover in your inventory you have in the linden library good riding boots already. Nic shows you a grey and a beige/ brown set. I combined the riding stuff with the jacket from Chronokit. The cute cap you also can find in your library.

I added the pictures with the lavender, because the cardigan is 3 days only at marketplace for free. The april gift from Meli Imako. So be as fast as possible.
Cardigan: Meli Imako - Ladies cardigan wrap front april gift Full perm( free)

Riding breeches:SF design_ Monday mania Breeches ( 25ld )
Boots: in your inventrory linden library
Cap:  in your inventory linden  library
Flats: Elikatira- [e] Millside flats winter
From inventory: Chronokit - jacket

Bye bye, Nic
Thanks Dancer for the tip.

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