Monday, April 8, 2013

stars in a bottle

Find the bottle with the stars. The renewal openings gift is in it, the cute summer dress, that Nic wears."You can find the bottle somewhere in the sim Worlds End Garden". So simple it was written on the blog of the designer of WEG. And there she did go, searching and searching. But that sim is huge and super beautiful. You can search under water  and there are plenty of places above. But with that cute dress in mind, Nic got fanatic and more fanatic to succeed. But ((( no result. Then i wrote the designer ... not online! Then IM-ed someone else with a picture on flickr. And yessssssssssss she was online and she came to help. Thanks so much Rekka Whiteberry.
So here is a little help ( with my pictures) for you to find the gorgeous gift  a bit easier. Stars in a bottle come ofcourse on earth with the ray of a shooting star. Where the waves reach the shore. Love the poetic idea. So you can see on the pictures behind Nic where the ray hits the water. And there you are: the bottle with sparkling stars.
On the last picture you see Nic in daylight to show you how sunny this dress will be in summertime.

Don't go just to this place, but i recommend to look around everywhere. the sim is beautiful.

Credits: World's End Garden - :::WEG::: :::WEG::: Comme des Fleurs~printemps ( free)

Bye bye, Nic


Rekka Whiteberry said...

You are welcome :)
I saw this blog and wrote this article,
about -POUDRE-Group Gift and cowboy outfit(cowboy outfit I saw 1 week before)
Article about World's End Garden is here :)

Nicandra Laval said...

thank you Rekka... so sweet you mentioned my blogposts on your blog... i loved your pictures about the World ends Garden

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