Sunday, April 15, 2012

my turkish, oh no... my bright TURQUOISE bath

A person taking a Turkish bath ( Hamam) first relaxes in a room (known as the warm room) that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air allowing the bather to perspire freely. Bathers may then move to an even hotter room (known as the hot room) before splashing themselves with cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.
That sounds good isn't it? But Nic's turquoise waterfall bath is also very relaxing.

Bright turqouise is this weeks colour of the 52 weeks of Color Challenge from Luna Jubilee.
This turquoise waterfall bath was so appealing to Nic that she jumped in immediately with her clothings still on.
Nic loves her beautiful baggy pants from Paris Metro. Combined it with a torned shirt in turqouise and turquoise flats from Line. And because they are so cute i show you the turquoise Uggs with cute little wings that she weared on the swing later.
I also show a close-up to give you a closer look at the black crinkle paper halter top. It is nice and loose and you can look through so beautiful.

Pants and halter top: Paris Metro - Paris Metro Couture: Beautiful Baggies -Pop Flower+Halter(T)*
UGGS: Papillon - .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. Wingy UGGs - Cyan
Ripped Shirt: Line - :::LiNe::: RippedRibbon/BabyBlue
Flats: Line - :::LiNe::: Smile Flats/Baby Blue
From Inventory: Necklace - Frangipani Flow, Bag - Creamshop

Oh and by the way, Turkish Delight, those sweets, i highly recommend for sweet lovers, Nic


Unknown said...

Fresh and lovely!

Sorraya said...

cool color your shirt and boots:))

sehe dich dienstag bei der show
bin gespannt was du tragen wirst .
bestimmt wird es super toll aussehn wie immer

dienstag maus:-)))
lovely greetings

Sorraya said...

Bis Dienstag Maus :-)

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw Nicky now I want a SPA lol! Very cute set, and I especially like the two-part top and halter :)

Jasmine Ballinger said...

I've had a lot of Turkish delight but never a Turkish bath -- thanks for the run-down!

Laila Laperriere said...

How cute those uggs are! Oh by the way, I want a turkish bath now! That sounds heavenly.

Rudhmellowen said...

Such a cute look nic you really rocked it out and that turquoise colour is fab on you!!!

Sama Yalin said...

I think I prefer the Turkish Delights. But you look lovely :)

Unknown said...

lovely post!! FYI if anyone would like hints or info about the Mooncake Hunt they can be found here thanks again for the great work

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