Sunday, April 8, 2012

jeans for any occasion, jeans for a journey

Trends come and go but classics are here to stay. No matter what the latest trends are, women will need their basics, and a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove will never go out of style.
Here is nr. 8: The capri jeans from Kyoot

Nic is on a journey somewhere in a tropical place. She wears her new capri from Kyoot at Collarbor88. Her silk bronze blouse is good for warm weather. Silk is cold for your body when it is hot weather and warm when it is cold weather. The bag is from lucky board at Bella's Lullaby. I added a belt from a skirt from maitreya (it has many collour options).
The lounge chair ( 4 colour options) and the sunglasses are gifts from Kazza.

Capri: Kyoot - Kyoot - Etienne Capris (Sand)( 88ld)
Sunglasses: Kazza_ >> KAZZA << Gift ( free)
Chair: Kazza - >> KAZZA << Gift Line Breeze cool chair ( free)
Blouse: MEB - MEB : Bronze Shirt (Boxed) gift
Bag: LB- LB Prize Flowery Handbag ( free)
From inventory: pumps - Ys&Ys; Hair Ymre- Maitreya, Belt part of Viento skirt -Maitreya.

Bye bye, Nic


Jasmine Ballinger said...

Lovely job this week, and I really like your shoes!

Sorraya said...

the blouse looks nice with this jeans from kyoot und der hut .sehr gut kombiniert

the two shirts from the last post sind sehr sehr süß .die sind ein unbedingtes..must have
this afternoon i have much work to buy all.
many greetings .-)

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