Monday, April 2, 2012

jeans for any occasion Tough denim on denim

Trends come and go but classics are here to stay. No matter what the latest trends are, women will need their basics, and a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove will never go out of style.
Here is nr. 3 : the LooseStyle Denim from Coco

Who said you coudn't wear denim on denim? The trick with denim on denim is you mix up a darker jeans with a denim wash. Here i show you the dark loosestyle jeans from Coco with the light denim shirt from Pesca. You can also add a leather jacket for a tougher look. This one is from Grasp.
I added some accessories to finish all. I wear shutter shades from Glow Studio ( old from inventory). The black and white necklace is also from that shop as well as the Indien passion clutch. The double black necklace is from Mandala. The ring with butterfly ( which moving wings) is from a 10 minutes camp upstairs in the Ruru@Pino shop. My pumps are from R2.
The nails from Detour.

Jeans: Coco - *COCO*_LooseStyleDenim_Midnight
Ring: Ruru@Pino - Ruru@Pino [Morpho (Dark)]lucky chair butterfly ( free)
Jacket: Grasp - +grasp+/Leather Jacket /Womens
Denim shirt: pesca - part of a dress :pesca:denim long onepiece
Necklace: Glow - [ glow ] studio Stripes Necklace - black
Bag: Glow - [ glow ] Studio - Bags - Indien passion (cold colors)
Necklace ( black): Mandala - [MANDALA]HANNYA Necklace/Black(female)
Pumps: R2 - R2 "Koaniani" Sky

Stay tough and stylish, Nic

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