Saturday, April 7, 2012

did they go totally mad?

Happy Easter. They can be stylish, as you can see on the last pictures. But they are in funny Easter mood. Nic and tjip wear their cute easter stuff for the picture. Nic her birds nest from Ey-no ( groupgift) and tjip went to Bella's Lullaby for the easter Bunny, his present for Nic. And he went to the gacha machine for the new born siamese kittens. Isn't Easter the time for a new beginning too?

Oh and before i forget. They wanted on the picture to make you aware of the Pre-Spring Sale at the Euphoria mall. The pants from tjip are from that sale. Watch his special waist band. (click the picture to enlarge). In many shops you can find 50ld items. Realy stylish clothings. And RUNNNNNN because it is just there for 3 days. Monday is the last day.

On tjip:
Pants: SHI - .S h I (EUPHORIA Pre-Spring Sale) Minimalist Pants (50ld)
Siamese kittens: +NK+ - +NK+ neneko gatcha siamese ( 30ld)
Bunny and carrot:BL - BL Easter Gift (free)
Shoes: SYS - Zibska [Gift] ~ Vali Boots in Black ( free)
Jacket ( shown before but still there)

On Nic:
Brown sweater: !gO! - !gO! shirt whit FREE black ( 1ld)
The brown one is now in the freebie corner. Also there nice Easterbags for 1ld
Big shirt: !gO! - !gO! BIG T-shirt (New groupgift! free)
Jeans: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] OverAll LB (sale 80ld)
Nest: EY:NO - [EY:NO] World Culture`s Easter Hunt (free)
Bag: BL - Girls just want to have fun travel bag ( free)
Boots: same as tjip
From inventory: Bag -Tulip; Hair - Exile; Shawl Nic - old groupgift Truth

Happy Easter, Nic

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