Monday, April 9, 2012

euphoria at E U P H O R I A mall

Well may be euphoria is a little bit exaggerated but they are in good mood with their new clothings. It is still the 50ld Pre-Spring Sale at Euphoria mall. Nic was dwelling around ( Soraya asked it) to see what was all in that sale. Hmmmm the white bag from Fleshtone that Nic just bought at normal prize some days ago is there in the sale for 50ld in the same colour. Yes that can happen when it is sale ;). It is all in the game. Nic bought this elegant set and then she found this sturdy military jacket from Gabriel for tjip. Shirt and belt included.
She herself bought a bag from plank couture. And she is still thinking about a dress from Zenith.
And Nic looooooves the new hair from gives him young look.

Outfit Nic: CIA Designs - Pre-Spring 2012 - [CIA Designs]( 50ld)
Necklace: Kraftika -*kraftika No134 Necklace
From inventory : Clutch: H.LUZZA(old Group Gift) -Nikita Pearls HandBag/Black; Pumps - Maitreya Verve; Hair - Maitreya -Bo

Jacket: Gabriel - ::GB::Military jacket(REDBROWN) ( 50ld)
Hair: Bryce Designs - Bryce Designs - Coals - Jack - Soot

Have a good sale shopping, it is the last day, Nic

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