Friday, January 20, 2012

shall i name her " shay "?

Although many already know this unicorn and many posted about it i couldn't withstand to post. I will name my horse "Shay" because Shayariel Teardrop had her 3 anniversary from her blog. Because of that you can get so MANY presents in the group notices from " Shay and the Sl Shopping Gang" group. This super mesh unicorn can be yours. It has, as you can see, many poses. That is why i loved to pose with her.
The new tweed jacket fits for horse riding. Notice the cute little daisy on the collar. The skirt under it is from a dress. Jacket and dress both are free on sl marketplace.

Tweed Jacket: Canue - +9 tweed jacket - black(free)
Dress: Garage - Garage *Lola dress* v5
Unicorn: Happy Anniversary To SHAY :) ( free groupgift "Shay and the Sl Shopping Gang")

Happy Anniversary Shay, Nic

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Shayariel Teardrop said...

*lmao* I am honoured you named your unicorn Shay <333

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