Sunday, January 15, 2012

forgotten city

Here goes Nic in the oldfashioned elevator to the Forgotten City. It is a nice place to walk around. You also can take the zeppelin to see all. Nearly all what Nic is wearing is from The Seasons Gatcha Event. This will run 4 times a year. It started january 14th and runs until january 28th at 12am SLT! I was happy to discover this in time and tell about it.
For those who don't know about gatcha here the information: A gatcha machine is like a game of chance. For a set fee, you will get one of the prizes offered in the items display board, for example if a gatcha contains 12 pairs of shoes in different colours at 25L per try, then when you have paid your 25L you will get one pair of shoes shown in one of the colours shown. Unless stated otherwise, these prizes should be Transferable, so you can collect and trade the items, and many of these things will make great gifts!!!
Well i had good luck. The things that i got had colours that fitted together.

Sweater: AddiCt - [AddiCt]-LUCILLE Sweaterdress/Berry2 (90ld)
Small bag: Tee*fy - Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag Pattern Peach ( 55ld)
Necklace: eleanor rigby - eleanor rigby. laced geometric necklace ( white lyrical) (33ld)
Shoes: Ingenue - Ingenue :: Abrial Boot (mod:trans) :: Chocolate (95)
Big bag: Tulip - tulip. Breakable (Tomato) ( 30ld) <------ best in price/quality !!!!
From inventory; Pants- Aoharu; Hair - Truth Clara

Well may be i show you more from there.
Bye, bye Nic

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Sorraya said...

very good kombi with pants bag and boots
nice color is the sweater

grettings ))

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