Sunday, January 8, 2012

don't sit on the bench with shoes

In my opinion is Nic laying on the bench like Bree van de Kamp ( Marcia Cross) the character in "Desperate Housewifes". Or Peggy Wanker the wife of Al Bundy in the sitcom " Married ...with children". I say this because of her hairstyle. And she says as a housewife to tjip: " don't sit on the bench with shoes on"( but pay attention: she also has her shoes on). Well don't be afraid, there is harmony between those two. So relaxed on the bench with a book near the fireplace.

The hair is the christmas gift from Pocket Mirrors. A hair shop with many vintage hair styles. Join the Pocket Mirrors group now for free, soon you have to pay fee to enter the group.
The mens clothings are from a year new you. The boots are included. I think tjip is looking great in this moss outfit. The hint is : groundfloor at the casual sign a star with a men on it.

Hair Nic: Pocket Mirrors - **Pocket Mirrors** Louise Group GIFT Xmas 2011 ( free)
Outfit tjip: Lyrieals Boutique - Home For The Holidays - Moss
Bags tjip: MYA: :=MYA=: groupbox-fab-backpack and :=MYA=: groupbox-waistbag-campusL (free)
Nic still wears her new cosy home outfit from the friday post.

Bye bye, Nic

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