Saturday, January 28, 2012

go with me

"Will you join me? Walk along with me and don't watch too much on your iphone". Tjip is smiling, reading his sms or is he doing a game on it? "And watch how beautiful my new duffle coat is. It is so well-made with such an good eye from the designer for details. Realy fabulous design of kit Pizzicato ( japanese designer) owner of the shop Chronokit. I highly admire his designs".

Nic wears the mesh dufflecoat in pink so fresh and colourful for the upcoming new spring season. She combined it with her pink boston bag from the gatcha machine at Cafe*Amie ( for just 30ld). There is a green one there in the lucky board. Another lucky board there is with grey lace up boots. Nic wears a new black striped jeans. It is from the women/menstuff lounge. Many presents there from wel-known designers. On that event you can get so much presents.
The straw bag with the pink ribbon is from S@bbia. Nic's boots are the subscribe-o-matic gift from Kookie. You get the 5 colours fatpack.
And now about tjip. He wears a new vest. Under the vest, a groupgift from Giulia Design, he wears a new shirt, a groupgift from Indi design. And look at his hair. A new look free at Colors.
And then that free iphone, what he enjoys so much. It comes with a hud with many settings, for example, im-ing, translator, afk, internet etc. You can change the colour ( pink , black or white).

Coat: Chronokit - *chronokit*_Duffle coat 01 Pink ( available in many colours)
Boots: Kookie - *Kookie* Muggy Fatpack ( free)
Pants: Winterwood - .:WinTeRwooD Designs:.Winter ( free)
Boston bag: Cafe*Amie - Cafe*Amie Travel Boston_ pink (30ld gatcha or green free)
Straw bag : S@bbia - S@BBiA::Ribbon Straw bag
From inventory: Shirt- Fishy Strawberry; Hair-Truth; Eyes- fashism

Vest: Giulia Design - ***GIULIADESIGN****GIFT GROUP MALE 2000 MEMBER ( free)
Shirt: Indi Design - INDI Designs - Group Gift (Button T-Shirts) ( free)
Hair: Colors - [COLORS] FreeC (free)
Iphone: here -IMPhone 830T V7.4a [EN] ( free)
From inventory: Jeans- Death Dealers market ( posted not long ago); Chucks- Machienenwerk now Santo; Eyes- Fashism; Animation overrider- 1 ld Marketplace sl; Scarf - Mr. Poet.

And psssst next post i will show you another gorgeous item from Chronokit.

Bye bye and thanks so much kit, Nic

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