Tuesday, January 10, 2012

isn't he sporty?

Men who do sport are cool. Pants for cricket are always little bit special hehe. But this one combined good with the doublejumper from the what ever hunt at 22769. You need find a "W". The hint is: she must be freezing - thank god i have my parka to keep me warm...
Not very hard to find. When you see a vendor with a nude lady in the arms of a men in a parka :) then look down behind the chair. The scarf is included.
The pants and the boots are in the groupgift from Crickets. Near the entrance is the board to join and the board with the present. But there is much more in that gift. For example a tattoo and a necklace .. short shirt etc. Also 2 lucky boards there!

Outfit with the pants: Crickets - Crickets "Ryan" Full Outfit ( free)
Doublejumper; 22769 - 22769 ~ casual couture for Whatever Hunt ( free)
from inventory: Hair- W&Y apollo

Be sporty guys, Nic

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