Monday, November 2, 2009

Trapped in the 80's Hunt

I'm a product of the 80's (fur sure). Generation X'er and the whole deal. I remember the days I wore leg warmers and jelly bracelets, had my sweatshirts hanging from one shoulder ala Flashdance. Hey - that was totally radical at the time! I certainly would have never thought then that someday it would be someones Halloween costume, as it seemed to be for so many people this year. I certainly never would have predicted in those days of fighting my sisters over Pac Man and Pitfall on our Atari, that such an amazing thing as Second Life would even exist. Things are so much better now, but we thought they were pretty tubular back then too!

This hunt is a very manageable 30 shops but it's only running for 2 weeks. The outfits were cute although I don't really see myself wearing them too much in the future, it might be nice to tuck away a few for the next 80's event I may be invited too. Lots of neat items however, and I really enjoyed the unpacking and reflecting. There are great hints in the blog here and your looking for vinyl records starting here.

Hanging out in my Sunshine Design 80's skybox. Taking in some Touched by an Angel on the boob tube.
Duh!: 80's Pink Hightop Sneakers with Thimbles: Happy Birthday Satan Sweatshirts. Perched upon my Mudhoney: color change hangout lego (this is so cute one of my favorite items ever!)
Young Urban: Orange Hoodie with PEER 80's acid wash jeans (please never let these come back into style). Wot? hair ala Flock of Seagulls (I met them in rl btw, nice guys) and Taboo: Lovecat sandals.
b.nuts: 80's female pack outfit (complete with leg warmers -yay). Preparing to do some radical breakdancing with the Agent Orange Ghettoblaster (with cardboard box and animations!)
Unisex Pez Costume from Weirdiculous. I wish they participated in more hunts because I can't get enough of their stuff!

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