Sunday, November 1, 2009

Top Hat Hunt

This hunt is running for the month of November. Looking for, well Top Hats. I strongly recommend joining the hunt group for this one. Many of the shops are very large and since there is not a hint list (is there?) having the groups support helped immensely. This is not an easy hunt so give yourself some time. Interested? You can start it here. Now onto my favorites:
Silk Dreams: Mini Dress
DeeTaleZ: Complete outfit includes top, belt, jeans and shoes.
Danish Design: Latex Sweet Black Dress
Everfaith: Burgundy Halter (this came in a pack) with Barzane Designs: Black Jeans. So cute with my freebie Maitreya boots!
My favorite of this hunt wasn't even clothes! This adorable sofa and Tulip vase is from Prim by Prim. I put it in the office at my sim. Soooo cute!

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