Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chasing the Stax Hunt!

Chasing the Stax is finding piles of money (I didn't know that - being a white, American in the Midwest who is pretty much out of it). 43 shops in this hunt so again, a reasonable sized hunt. This was a fun hunt in that most of the shops are not ones I was familiar with or that normally participate in hunts. It's running for the month of November and if your interested, you can start chasing piles of money here. There is also a hint blog here. As usual, my favorites:

Cute Fashion: Black long knit and hotpants

CeeZee: Come polka me top and shorts
Jaze: Chex pants, top, scarf and chucks

Hyper Culture: Chase the Stax Hunt Gift - black skirt and top
Rezipsa: Black pants with Blackstar: Brown lace top

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