Friday, November 6, 2009

Invite Only Hunt!

*Warning* this hunt is difficult. 22 shops but I felt like it was never going to end. The good news is there is a blog with a shop list (in order) you can see here. If you get massively stuck you can move ahead to the next and go back if you like. Looking for envelopes in this hunt. Pink for girls, Blue for Mens and yellow is a unisex gift. The shops with unisex have only one gift while the ones with pink and blue have one of each. If you are interested you can start the hunt here. Now for the goodies:

#6 Concrete Flowers: Autumn Forest Hideout. This is an absolutely amazing skybox. I took all the pictures for the post from it. If you like skyboxes (and I'm a junkie collector for sure) make sure you at the very least go find this envelope.

#7 Urbanity: Mini Racer Pink Skulls Dress with #20 alaMood Boutique: Pink Argyle Scarf
#15 ManCandy: Autumnal Burgandy Outfit

#19 BALACLAVA!: Winterwhite Knit

#22 MADesigns: Eyes of Truth. This came with some hair (which said unisex but looked pretty manly to me) and 3 sets of eyes which are all amazing.

All the poses are from the gift from #12 Lazy Places

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