Thursday, November 5, 2009


Bella natural in fair

Ever since the last skinfair lots of people have anxiously waited for Tuli to release her new skinline, Bella. Sadly that release had to be postponed since Tuli was going through quite a rough RL, but this Saturday she will be releasing all of the new make ups. Tuli has used more photosourcing for the Bella face then she has ever done and I must say it really is a big success. Bella has a fresh, soft face, that just perfectly seems to find the balance between mature and sweet.

Elysium, Flutter, Gogo, Helena, Kellie,
Kira, Natural, Raven, Sophia, Violet

There are ten make ups in total, each a very different face. With each skin come three cleavage options and three browcolors; brown, light and red. The brows are in my opinion perfect; not too bushy or thin, just good. My favorite feature of the face are definitely the lips, which are not too heavily shaded or glossy or pouty. I usually wear natural make ups, but with Bella I even like the lipsticks. Bella hasn't got an option to wear with freckles or not, but I think the skin is the perfect mix between freckled and non-freckled, since it has just a hint of freckles on a smooth face. I can imagine the strong shadowing on the nose not working on every shape, but I like it a lot on mine. The cheekbones are very subtle and give the face just a little extra personality.

The body has like the face a very soft touch, but is nicely detailed at the same time. I love the belly especially and the hip bones as well. I'm usually very picky about the collar bone, since I think its a really important part of the skin, but Bella's collarbone is very nice, with even a cute little mole on one side. On the back the spine is nicely detailed, as are the shoulderblades. The butt however could've been a bit more detailed in my opinion. Even the knees and elbows are well crafted and there's not one seam showing. A real work of art.

Dark tan, Tanned, Sunkissed, Fair, Pale

Bella comes in five tones, shown above. My personal favorite is fair, tho pale comes close too. I usually go for the most palest skin, but with Bella I thought fair to be just a little bit warmer. All tones are available in Tuli's mainstore, starting this Saturday 7th November.

On a last note, I've thought about whether to blog today or not. Most of you must have heard about the actions being taken by the groups Artist's Voice and Step Up to reduce content theft, or if not, read about it here. The first group asked for everything on the grid to STOP for two days (5th & 6th of November), including blogging. I'm definitely behind the idea of fighting against content theft, but I don't feel not blogging would help. Instead I would like to use this opportunity to raise more awareness and to encourage you all to only buy from legitimate sellers, and to report to the creator if you are offered designer items for less money. Find out how you can recognize stolen content here. Content theft is a crime and we should all try to minimalise its existence.

Kus Nere

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