Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shining Stars Hunt!

This hunt is another grid wide monster. 135 shops. Looking for stars. Some of them big, some very, very tiny. There is a blog for the hunt here and you can start the hunt here. I did this post "on location" again as one of the gifts is this lovely skybox from Sugar.Snap.Me. Also the skin I'm wearing in all the posts is the gift from CremeBrulee called Nic's Lemon Party and it's really lovely! For the rest of my favorites:
Sparkle Dress from DYN Clothing
Kissed by Lithium: Shining Stars Skirt and Top
Brickhouse Designs: Ellie in Dark Rose shoes with Shining Star bra, garter and stockings.
A Touch of Surreal: T Shirt Dress with belt
Butterfly EffectZ: Starry Nights Dress
Before Sleep: Starlight Starbrite Dress, socks and shoes


Tesh said...

hi Karina - just wanted to say you look so pretty in these pics!!


Karina Larkham said...

Awww thank you!!

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