Monday, October 16, 2017

what's that.... under the doormat?

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He sent a love letter ( see under the doormat). And he promissed to sent some Mon Cherie chocolats. Those chocolats with cherries inside. He is a such a seducer, the Mon Cherie man.

In the meantime Nic will do some paintwork in her new Harvest Cabin Veranda, a new groupgift at Ariskea. I made for Nic an atelier in it. With a rug, doormat and cushions from the combined hunt at Ever an Angel and Outside the Box. Search near both stores for acorns. From Outside the box are also the apples in the barrel with water.
Nic is wearing a new release from Jana&Littles SL World, a dress with a waist shirt. Comes with a colorhud for more possibilities. You also can wear the dress without the waist shirt. The necklace is from the Seasons Story as well as the leaf bracelet. The other bracelet is from the midnight mania madness from this weekend. You can still go to get the last chance item. But then you need pay a bit for it.
In the decor you can see free items from Soy. The board with posters. You can put your own pictures on the poster. I also used items for artist from BAZAR. For example the painters manequin, the color tubes and the arts chair. Other art items are from Serenity style, the easel for example.The plants are from Bazar and Soy. The table is from Nic's inventory from Eckle. Couldn't find the shop anymore.
In front of the cabin you can see fairy grass from LAGOm. It has lights above it.

Dress with waist shirt: Jana & Littles SL World - -JL- Umina Outfit (HUD) (NEW)
Necklace: Le Forge at TSS - The Forge - Jaziah's Necklace *TSS GIFT*(free)
Leaf bracelet: OXIDE at TSS - OXIDE Arlet bangle (free)
Bracelet: [ kunst ] - Perseus bracelets ~MMM~ ( free / now last chance)
From inventory: skin- WoW skins (promo); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; booties - REIGN; hair - DeLa ( Elora); poses - Le Poppycock

Harvet Cabin: Ariskea - Ariskea[Harvest] Verenda Cabin Addon (free group join 75ld)
Doormat: Outside the box - Gathering Hunt OTB! #9 (10ld)
Cushion: Outside the Box - Gathering Hunt OTB! #2 (10ld)
Medallion carpet - Outside the Box - Gathering Hunt OTB! #6 (10ld)
Board with Poster on board: Soy - Soy. Notice borad [group gift] (unpacked)
Arts Chair - BAZAR - ~BAZAR~Toronto arts chair (65ld)
Painter's Manequin - BAZAR -~BAZAR~Toronto painter's manequin (15ld)
Color tubes: BAZAR -~BAZAR~Toronto color tubes (15ld)
Apple barrel: Outside the Box - OTB!  Bobbing for apples Group Gift Folder
Fairy grass: LAGOM at TSS -  *LAGOM - FairyGrass *TSS GIFT*(free)
Other arts items: Serenity Style  - Serenity Style- The artist corner full set
Desk set: [[RH]] - [[RH]] Wooden desk set (free) There is also in the shop a free bed!!!!
From inventory: Plants - Soy. and BAZAR; Table - Eckle; ladder with lights - Silvery K; dog - JIAN
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

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