Wednesday, October 11, 2017

nerd (MOH Hunt)

Sorry girls, but again a male blogpost. I promiss you that the next post will be a post with Nic again.
The MOH hunt items are: the polo shirt, the key necklace ( on one of the pictures) and the shoes. Tjip is wearing a jeans ( from [R] 360) and glasses ( from Sorgo) from his inventory.
His hair is another one from Stealthic combined with side hair from the hair from the post from yesterday  from Stealthic. You can wear the top hair ofcourse with just a hair base on the sides. Also cool.
The shoes hunt item ( the moustache) is very difficult to find in the shop. I give a little help here to make it easier. Walk strait ahead from where you land and look under something in that shop. Pay attention to a smiley.

Polo: [ZEX] for MOH - [ZEX] Emilio - Polo shirt / SHADED SPRUCE (free)
Pose second picture: grafica for MOH - grafica ~ gwrido (MOH10)(free)
Necklace: [GILD] for MOH - MOH10@Gild_Key necklace (free)
Shoes: PBM for MOH - PBM Sneakers [SKOOL] Worn Special Edition (free)
Top hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Hysteria (B&W)
Side hair: Stealthic - part of Stealthic Like Lust ( (B&W)
From inventory: glasses - Sorgo; body - Signature; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; head - ADAM; book - No Concept
Pictures made at: Dystopia
Bye bye, Nic

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