Sunday, October 29, 2017

on camp with Wolf

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Watching dolphins from her place at the rocks with her grey wolf, named Wolf, at her side. The grey wolf i got from Wild Kajaera for Firestorm. He is sleeping now. The Firestorm Gray Wolf is a Forever Pet and alive now. Rezz it out as soon as possible to enjoy watching it grow. You can NOT give it away before rezzing it out first. A cool gift in my opinion.
When you have more than one they will act as a pack following each other and interacting with each other. They are trainable and can act as your hunting companion or as an attack weapon if you role play with the GM or Spellfire systems.
Here is the site. On the site is the link to the shop from Kajaera here. There is a board... click on it. You get a number. Then click the board again and you get the tp to Firestorm Aerodrome here. Click the box there .. wait a bit.. and then in chat is said you will receive the wolf and get him. Land impact 21.  When you first get them they have their eyes closed.  It takes 12 hours to open their eyes and a day to get the energy to move about.
There is a site for assistance here.

Nic is wearing clothes from Jana& Littles SL World. The total set is the jeans with shoes and the top with sleeves. Nic is wearing the jeans and shoes also with a knotted top from another set from Jana& Littles. That one comes with shorts, like for sports/ training. See a close-up from the shoes below. Nic is wearing a jacket over her shoulder from COCO from Nic's inventory. Nic's hair is the hair Piper from Entwined, an old gift. 

Outfit with the sleeves: Jana&Littles SL World - -JL- Yamina Outfit (with color HUD)(NEW)
Knotted top: Jana&Littles SL World - part of JL- Emmy Outfit (with color HUD)
Firestorm Wolf: Wild Kajaera ( see description in the text) - WK Firestorm Wolf ~ Crated (free/ Halloween gift)
Hair: Entwined - Entwined Piper Fatpack ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka ( bento/ Simone); skin - LAQ; Firepace with kettle - {what next}; Lanterns - Chez Moi; backpack - Mr. Poet
Pictures made at: Amore Estate

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