Saturday, October 7, 2017

no drunkard... just visiting a good blues club

A good stop during a walk with the dogs. No tjip isn't a drunkard. Only his suit has that name. He is visiting this club to listen to very good dj's with blues music. It's the Black Alley Blues Club. Ofcourse he also takes something to drink. Yesterday i discovered this club, because i met an old friend from my beginning years in sl, Ramel Markova. She is one of the dj's here. Since she tp-ed me there. I write my blogposts with the music from this club at the background. I love many sorts of music. Old Classic Rock, Jazz, Raggea, Blues, Classic music or music that you hear much these days ..i love it all.. depends on my mood.
So when tjip got this suit from [Gild] from the Realtor's suit set gacha ( for Drunkards), i knew a good environment for the pictures. Each try at the gacha there is 75ld. But when you win a suit like this it is very affordable. I got this grey suit and the blue tie ( and sigh.. a tie for around his head, when he realy gets drunk...hmmm). Love the loose style of the suit. See for example the back part on the picture below.

Suit and tie: [Gild] at Kinfes! ( at Baroqued ) - common2 Sig [Gild] The Realtor's suit for _Gray (75ld each play)
Blue tie: [Gild] at Kinfes! ( at Baroqued ) - common 5 [Gild] Tie for suit_Blue ( gacha/75ld each play)
From inventory: Dogs - AMU ( marketplace); body - Signature; head - Adam; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; hair - Argrace ( Hayate); shoes - paul polo
Pictures taken at: the Black Alley Blues Club
Bye bye, Nic

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