Friday, June 24, 2016

you are electrifying.....

Take me in your arms.. i will surrender... fly with me..

At the SLB13 sim, Electrify,  i was doing the SLB13 Hunt ( june 19 - July 3 2016) and came upon this interactive art gallery from Ginger Lorakeets, that puts you inside pictures. I totally forgot the hunt at that moment and was involved immediately in picture making.  Oh i am sorry i don't show hunt items or free stuff now, but just the clothes that Nic was wearing at that moment. Clothes from !gO! from the Vintage Fair. A lovely set and very useful not only for a vintage style but also for other occassions, as you can see. The straps from the skirt are nice when you are flying high. There are more colors and textures available.
Hunt items and free stuff i ofcourse will show you in next posts.. And... well this set from !gO! is gorgeous isn't it?!
Below another picture from another art work there.

Skirt:!gO! at the Vintage Fair - !gO! Jennifer skirt - 5 (NEW)
Top: !gO! at the Vintage Fair - !gO! Jennifer top - 9
From inventory: Boots - COCO
Pictures taken at: SL13B Electrify
Bye bye Nic

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