Tuesday, June 28, 2016

love these sunny times and being outside (collabor88 SLB13 presents and another sim with SLBhunt gifts)

This is unbelievable... so many gifts we get this year because of the anniversary of Second Life! Super thanks to all the wonderful designers. Yesterday i hunted at the SL13B sim Beguile and got the table with umbrella. Nice and colorful . You get a sunny feeling when you place this one somewhere.
Today i discoverd that also at Collarbor88 we can pick up the well-know cakes. All together in the pond i the middle of the shop ( easy!!!). I am becoming a good inventory cleaner and very well organised these days to handle all the presents.
The presents from Collabor88 have such a good quality! Nic is wearing: Sunglasses from Pure Poison ( with color hud), earrings from Maxi Gossamer (color change menu when you click on them), a cool  boho ring from Zenith and the super hair from Tableau Vivant. When you didn't receive this hair as a new years gift, it's your chance now.  In the next post i sure will show more presents.
Nic already was wearing the new cropped halter top from La Gaza Ladra's gacha ( wheel of Fortune item)  at Gami Gacha (open till 30th june). Playing the gacha at Gami Gacha, you get a chance to win tokens that can then be used to play the Wheel of Fortune. Lillybee is the item that can be won in the Wheel of Fortune. The bolero in denim is a rare at the gacha at Gami Gacha. I combined all with a denim short pants from Silvery K from Nic's inventory.

Bolero: La Gazza Ladra at Gami Gacha - LGL Karaoke Star- Denim - Bolero jacket (gacha/rare)
Top: La Gazza Ladra  at Gami Gacha - LGL - Lillibee Cropped halter top ( gacha/Wheel of Fortune)
Shorts: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:*Denim short pants
Eyes: Arise  SLB13 present at The Fantasy Collective - Arise sunny eyes/ grey ( free)
Hair: Tableau Vivant  for SLB13 atC88 - Tableau Vivant Hatsuhi hair (free)
Necklace: OXIDE for SLB13 at The Fantasy Collective - OXIDE - Geometric Leaf Necklace (free)
Sunglasses: Pure Poison for SLB13 at C88 -Pure Poison - Catsa Sunglasses(free)
Earring: Maxi Gosammer at C88 for SLB13 -
Ring: =Zenith=for SLB13 at C88 -  =Zenith=Boho Ring (Flower)(free)
Poses: Purple Poses for SLB13 at C88 - PURPLE POSES BREE (free)
Fan: Figment for SLB13 at The Fantasy Collective - SLB13 Piece of Cake Figment Fan (free)
Table with umbrella: Katy's Kreations at Beguile (SL13B hunt)Picknick bench with sunshade (free)
From inventory: sandals (Erica) - Pure Poison; bag - Toro.
Pictures made at: Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic

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