Monday, June 20, 2016

antiques and bric-a-brac and postage stamps

For quite a mix of things you can come to her shop. Nic has lots of things from her inventory on display there. From the SLB 13 are: the painting from the man with the microscope, the vintage pillow, the iron heart with the iron box and  the apothecary box. She is wearing her SLB13 hair, shoes, earrings and necklace too.On the desk where she is selling stamps is her coffee from tres blah and piece of cake from SLB13. On the ground behind her desk you can see the lamp from Aisling ( a groupgift).
Nic is wearing a top from the Luxe Box from Tee*fy. The jeans is a new release at Kustom 9 from Bueno. Cardigan from ::K::. from Nic's inventory, but ofcourse available in the shop.
In the shop you also can see from Pixel Mode a Tuscany chandelier and Tuscany wall lights (laying on the ground) and also the huge broken clock and the ottoman. The dolls are from !gO!

Top: Tee*fy from the Luxe Box ( june) - Tee*fy Sabrina bralette (NEW)
Jeans: Bueno at Kustom 9 - Bueno-Jeans-Coral Dots (NEW)
Hair: Tukinowaguma at HairOLogy  for SLB13 - *TKW* Yuko ( free)
Shoes: Garbaggio at Whimsical for SLB13 - Garbaggio // SL13 Gift [Whimsical] (free)
Necklace: Ersch at Whimsical - ERSCH Colorful Perrot SLB 13 ( free)

Picture with microscope: Haikei at Kustom 9 for SLB13- :HAIKEI: Kustom9 gift ( free)
Pillow: [ zerkalo] at Kustom 9 for SLB13 - [zerkalo]  the antiques (free)
Heart and box: Kalopsia at Kustom 9 for SLB 13 -  Kalopsia Cecilia's Heart (free)
Apothecary: Mithral at Kustom 9  - box from the hair Elderberry from Mithral (free)

Lamp: Aisling - .aisling. Old Wood things and Lamps (Light my fire) (free/gg)
Dolls: !gO! - !gO! Love my doll ( gacha)
Coffee to go: Tres Blah - -tres blah- Coffee To Go ( free/group join fee); Chandelier and wall lamps -Pixel Mode; framed blue print - Fancy Decor; deco drums - Thunk!; cardigan - ::K::
Pictures made at: Paris Je T'aime
Bye bye, Nic

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