Thursday, June 9, 2016

sun on my skin ....mmmmm ( Women Only Hunt1)

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This is chill!!! Sun on your face and a soft sea breeze. Love this very sensual swimsuit (or is it underwear?)  from Suki. Nic is showing you more items from the Women Only Hunt1. I had not much time for hunting these days. But yesterday and this morning i had time. Here is the result.
Nic is showing from the hunt: the swimsuit, a watch, a  ring, earring, the icecream and dog ( from a pose set) the  flamingo swimtube, shoes and the sunhat.
For the hunt you can go to American Bazaar (here) to get the teleport hud ( makes all very easy) . The hunt item is a coconut. Hunt ends at june 18th.
The hair is from the Luxe Box from May. But i read that this hair is now in several colors available at Magika mainshop. The Luxe Box hair is updated with some natural colors! Use the old hud and click again.
I made an extra picture with the sunglasses, because i forgot them on the other pictures. The sunglasses are in the info and notices from the Loordes of London group. Watch the special side of the sunglasses. Loordes of London is very generous with gifts always. Group join is free.

Swimsuit ( or lingerie) -Suki - WOH1 - Hunt ::: Suki ::: Izzy ( in black and white) (free)
Shoes: phedora. -  phedora.  Platform Gelsey platforms with color hud! WOH1(free)
Hair: Magika - Magika  Heartbeat -
Icecream and dog: Le Poppycock - part of WOH1 - Sweet talk  Le Poppycock (free)
Flamingo tube: Candy Crunchers - Candy Crunchers - Flamingo Float - WOH Prize (free)
Hat: Elysium - Elysium - Sarah hat - WOH gift (free)
Watch: MYNX - {MYNX} Owl Watch - Pink Chevron WOH1 *HUNT*(free)
Ring: MEVA -WOH1 - Ring Hunt Object (free)
Earring: POMPOSITY - POMPOSITY - Mystic Knot Earrings WOH1 - (free)
Sunglasses: Loordes of London - Loordes of London-D' Armate Eyewear-#1(free)
Bye bye, Nic

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