Saturday, June 4, 2016

Midnight Madness june

She is standing with her car on the bridge with Lover's Locks. You can buy and get a lover's lock on this bridge.
For the second round from the midnight Madness you can be in time. Starts today at  21.00 European time. Presents preview here.
Nic is showing you several gifts from the first round: the ferrets from Jian, an old wooden bench from Goose and the Drawer from DaD design. Nic can take the drawer home with her new car., the crown Sprite, a gift at marketplace ( thanks Dancer for this super tip).Click the car and choose your color. The dress is a beautiful hunt present from Petite Mort for  the  Women Only Hunt1 ( from June 1st - 18th, 2016). You need find a coconut. Hunt tip for this location is: "These stars don't shine as brightly anymore."
Nic's hair is the may groupgift  from BarberYumYum. The shoes a groupgift at Essenz.
The bags from Nic are from her inventory and partly self-made.

Dress: Petite Mort- for WOH1 - Petite Mort- White Jasmine dress (free)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - VIP group gift 4/8 (free)
Hair: BarberYumYum - *barberyumyum*May2016(groupgift) (free)
Car:  Crown - Crown Sprite Economy car V1.0 (free)
Bench: GOOSE for Midnight Madness- old wooden bench single (free)
Drawer: DaD Design for MM -
Ferret: JIAN :: for MM - JIAN :: Ferret Neck Hugger (free)
From inventory: Necklace - GDit for color me Project ( see post before this one); poses - Label Motion
Pictures made at: Caymen Shores( thanks spammie (Verdant) for the tip)
Bye bye, Nic

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