Sunday, January 4, 2015

what to say about this?

Nic busy outside with plants.Potted tulips are possible and a tiny plant already is growing. That one will not survive the cold. An outside working table made of the bathroom table. A second life for this piece of furniture. Nic got it from the gatcha machine at Apple Fall.
And there comes her helper. Tjip with a wooden toolbox. But empty ;). Tjip wears a well made coat from Bunenza. The sweater with shirt is also from Bunenza.
Nic wears Uggs from BabyMonkey. GROUP JOIN IS FREE THIS WEEKEND. SO HURRY UP! The Uggs are the new groupgift (with a colorhud with many colors). Nic wears a sweater dress from JLZ fashion. The womenstuff hunt gift.  From the Midnight Mania i got a store credit card for 1000ld. Look around in that shop there are more free items.
Both wear hair from Damselfly. The new groupgift for men and women.
The warm coat is the new groupgift  from S@bbia. The pnk glasses i bought in the closing sale at Buttery Toast. When you like kawai items go there to have a look.

Nic wears:
Sweater dress: JLZ Fashion - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #54 JLZ Fashion (free)
Glasses: Buttery Toast - .: Buttery Toast:. Life's a frill - Glasses - Pink (closing sale)
Uggs: BabyMonkey - BM Baby SMugg Boots (free/ group join free now some days)
Hair: Damselfly - Damselfly Free Group Gift with colorhud (free)
Coat: S@bbia - S@BBiA::Cocoon Coat (Pink) (free)
From her inventory: Studded leggings- Shey; open cardigan - COCO

Tjip wears
Toolbox: GCD - Mesh wooden Toolbox (free)
Coat: Bunenza -  Bunenza Old days in chicago Brown (5ld)
Sweater with shirt: Bunenza - Bunenza Gordon sweater  brown(1ld)
Hair: Damselfly - Damselfly Free Group Gift Mens (free)
From his inventory: Boots and jeans - Gabriel.
Pictures made near the S@bbia shop

Accessories: table for washing - Apple Fall, Linens - the Loft, tulips - nocc., beaker and fallen pot - BP
Bye bye, Nic

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