Friday, January 9, 2015

i just want smoke a bit

Both in a warm coat.The cute doggy and Nic. They need coats because it is very cold on the beach, but she want smoke a bit outside. Nic wears a coat from Loordes of London. This one is just 10ld. The coat is hanging between the other coats in the shop. The doggy is the groupgift from D-Lab. It's a shoulder pet. And i know it is may be a bit childish and not very fashionista like, but i can't withstand shoulderpets. I gathered a lot shoulderpets in all these years. But nothing wrong isn't it to be a collector.  Nic's ring is a gift at Oneword. A bimonthly event created around one single word! This time: dream.

Coat: Loordes of London - Loordes of London-Finlandia Parka-Teal/Purple (10ld)
Skirt and boots: Rowena's Design - part of {RS} Laryn Coat, Skirt & Boots
Doggy: D-Lab - d-lab GG  Patrol dog01
Ring: Moon Amore at Oneword - Moon Amore - Unicorn ring (Oneword Gift)
Pictures made at: Kylie's Trace 2 

Bye bye, Nic

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