Tuesday, January 13, 2015

je suis... (MOH5 part3)

Again some finds from the MOH5 hunt. The shoes you can find under the christmas tree at the starting point of the hunt. Click the small pictures to enlarge  for better view of the details (tiny bird on the shoes or the rope of the pencil necklace.The pants, the belted bracers, the sweater, cros necklace and the hat are all from the hunt. At Apple May design you can find the necklace with pencils in the womens part of the shop near the entrance.
The hat you can't edit to enlarge  and it has no menu to change the size, so you need use hair that is smooth.

Bracers: Apple May Designs - Apple May Designs - MOH5 Belted Bracers (free)
Pencil necklace: Apple May Designs -Apple May Designs -Eccentric Pencil (free)
Sweater: L'Armoire ll- L'Armoire ll: Thomas Sweater - Hunt (free)
Hat: 7mad;Ravens - Little known fact/7mad;Ravens MOH 5.0 (free)
Shoes: 7mad at starting point MOH5 hunt- 7mad;Ravens MOM Gift (free)
Pants with belt: Kenvie - MOH5 - Hunt Object (Kenvie Zion Pants)(free)
From inventory: Hair - Dura; boxer short - Nytro
Pictures made at Pals meadow

Bye bye, Nic

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