Monday, January 19, 2015

blue monday today

Today is blue monday. This day is claimed as the most depressing day of the year. And may be tjip is a bit depressed because of the scene in which he has been trapped. A broken car and someone seriously injured.
But now the positive side of the day: Tjip wears a funny blazer with a shirt with an elephants head. He hides the text on the shirt with his hands because the text with arrows pointing down is a bit sexy. I asked the designer about the text: it means " trunk there" she said." It is a Russian joke". I think you can figure out the meaning of that. You can hide the text with a belt or just show it. It is the groupgift from EhR. This day only you can find the gift still inworld and later on marketplace.
Another positive fact is the jacket with white shirt and jeans and boots (on the car) that tjip got at the lucky board at Ydea. Normal prize in the shop is 440ld.

Jacket  and shirt with elephant: EhR  and Ehr on marketplace - ::: EhR ::: _ Male Blazer and Shirt (free)(black)
Green jeans: Legal Insanity - Legal Insanity - casual men outfit (free)
Jacket, scarf, boots (on the car), belt  and jeans: Ydea -*Ydea* Roberts outfit  (free)
From inventory: Black long boots- COCO (old gift), hair - Truth
Pictures made at: Outbreak

Bye bye, Nic

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