Saturday, January 10, 2015

i don't know where to start ( MOH5 hunt part 1)

Look around her. Cleaning up is not a bad idea at all. But where to start? Again a shoulderpet ( see post before this one). This cute sort of  pinocchio look-a-like (missing the long nose)  i can add to my collection.
Nic wears the leather set from Rowena's Design. The boots from the set i showed in posts before this one. The blue boots are a present at Mimi's Choice from Orage.
And the first item from the Men Only Hunt (MOH). As the name says a hunt for men, but with many women items too. Nic shows you the hair with cap from Mina (with menu for brown hair colors and more colors and textures for the cap. Search a glass of beer. Hunt is from 10th jan- till 31st jan 2015

Hair: Mina - MINA - Alex - Dark brown MOH5 (free)
Shoulder pet: :: SaRcAsTiC - :: SaRcAsTiC Miracullin Attachment  :: (free)
Boots:orage at Mimi's Choice -  [orage] Suede Boots - special
Leather jacket and skirt: Rowena's Design - {RS} Laryn Coat, Skirt & Boots Bagged (with recolor hud) (boots shown in posts before this one)
From inventory: Scarf - S&S
Pictures made at: MnM Design 

Bye bye, Nic

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