Saturday, February 4, 2012

wandering outside and in Mimi's Choice Store

Oh boy so cold overhere in sl as well as in rl. So i am happy with the warm outfit that i got at Mimi's Choice Store. I also wear hair that i got there. Mimi was so kind to show me all the gifts that you can find everywhere. That shop you have to go to ..and look around and not just for the freebies!! But i can tell you i got hair, jewells, boots, lingerie, dresses etc etc. And please don't think this is a freebie store!!!!! Mimi shows in her shop lots of nice stuff from wellknown designers in sl.

First i wanted to make lingerie pictures in the snow. Heard about it, that fashion photographers do this more and more . :))) but brrrr.. so cold!!! So i was more happy making pictures of this warm outfit. Such cute shortpants with a legging is a style that i like. Look at the good textures of the pants and the sweater on my shoulder. All the stuff that i am carrying with me on the stick is from my inventory. Not availabel anymore. Designer is Vas Legend. So may be you can write him when you want it.

Hair: LollipopZ -LollipopZ Lia- Mimi's Gift ( free)
Outfit: Jador Fashion -NORVEGIAN " Jador Fashion" ( free)

I am warm at home now, bye bye, Nic

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