Monday, February 20, 2012

Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a novel by the American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is about American society enjoying prosperity during the "roaring"" 1920s. There are 4 movies made of, based on this book.
When i made my pictures i thought of this sphere.

Nic shows her highwaisted mesh skirt from the Valentines Hunt at R.icielli. The mesh python clutch and the hair attachment ( worn with a hairbase and shown on most of the pictures) are from that hunt. You need find golden hearts. They are very easy to find. Each heart is 15ld. Don't know how long that hunt will be there.
The jacket is from the hunt at 22769. LAST DAY today!!! You can find 6 hunt items ( the word "love" ). When you have all the items you have a womens and a mens outfit. Because it is the last day i will make it easy for you to find just this jacket. The hunt item is behind the bench near the scarfs.
I combined all with parts of a dress from Gabriel and the boots from slink ( both shown before).
Oh and because not everyone likes mesh.. a same sort of hair but not mesh, i wear at my first picture. The pompadour hair from shop Seu.

Jacket: 22769 - 22769 "once more with love" huntitem 4/5 ( free)
Mesh Gia Clutch: R.icielli - Ricielli VALENTINES hunt - item#7 (15ld)
Hair attachment: R.icielli - R.icielli VALENTINES hunt - item#11 (15ld)
Mesh highwaisted skirt: R.icielli VALENTINES hunt - item#1 (15ld)
Hair: Shop Seu- *SHOP SEU* --Pompadour hair [blonde]--
Victorian cigarette holder: part from outfit from Chichi (Chichi of London, Anji, cc0125) was from a pumpkin hunt.
Pictures made at: Magnolioideae Palace at Anarchy

Have a rich day, Nic

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