Wednesday, February 8, 2012

fun like in childhood times

Soraya discovered this playground. And as you can see we had fun.. singing songs and clapping hands, telling secrets, relaxing, sitting on the swing....never loose the spirit that we had when we were young.. that is important..
Some fashion is also on the picture..although not catwalk stylish. Nic wears a new short skirt from the Jack and Jill hunt. Her shoes are also from that hunt. Her cap and her tee are groupgifts from Ronsem.The armband is a dollarbie at Kraftika. The ring fits to it ( not free). Nic wears hair from thruth Rianna( new)
Soraya wears hair from D!va.

Hat: Ronsem - RONSEM* Knit Cap2 / 2012 Valentine Gift [free]
Tee: Ronsem - RONSEM* 2012 Valentine Tee[free]
Skirt: Sassy - ~Sassy!~ Urban Girl - Jack or Jill Hunt Gift ( free)
Boots: Sakide - part of [ SAKIDE ] Gangster Girl Outfit for Jack or Jill Hunt ( free)
Armband : Kraftika - *kraftika No 300 Bracelets ( 1 ld)
Ring: Kraftika - *kraftika jewelry Ring No 210
Hair: Truth ->TRUTH< Gianna - dark browns
Hair Soraya: D!va- "" D!va"" Hair Ruri
From inventory and shown before: Jacket Nic - Grasp; Waist jacket Nic - Fishy Strawberry ( long ago FLF); legging- Mimikri

Have a great time, Nic

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Sorraya said...

it is sooooo very sweet:-)))

the clap hands is so funny.
remember the time when we was kinds

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