Sunday, September 4, 2011

You only live twice

Bond, James Bond..... you only live twice...well we do here in second life..don't we?
Nicandra is the helping partner of James here. So much fun to make these pictures. A lot of cool action!!!!!
Made in Bladerunner city. Worthwhile to go there and look around. I knew about this place because Sonya Marmurek used it on her blog.
Because sl was spinning around it was not possible to show you all sorts new clothings. I couldn't change them. But happily i weared my new scarf. Same scarf i just bought in rl ))))).
The striped shirt on the first picture is from Moolto hunt. It has a collar and sleeves but it wasn't possible to attach because of the weird sl.
To get a moolto hunt item you need wear the grouptag and wear the glasses. You get them when you hit the board from the hunt at the entrance of the shop. Then search the little bag with the moolto sign on it. Hint : near the huge Gawk sign high on a pipe near a rat.

Scarf: AddiCt - [AddiCt]- MINNU scarf/bobble blue
Skirt: Calypso Gianno - [Calypso Giano] Denim Skirt- Rock- Blue
Boots: J's - J's 3 way Engineer Boots [beige]

Shirt: Gawk! - Gawk! Orange Grungy Stripe T-Shirt [For Men]( free)
Plaid shirt man, grey jeans and grey boots( see earlier post)

Pick up your stuff with goldfingers, Nic

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Yey for Bladerunner City! Looks like you had a lot of fun! ^_^

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