Monday, September 5, 2011

quicky in gold

Just couldn't withstand to show you this is the look of the week in the dressing room ..the top, belt and bag are from the dressing room you can see this set on a board with more item from TDR ( click on it and you get a styling card).. i took my high waist skirt from my inventory.. on the styling card it is from Fishy Strawberry.. The set is here.
Back home i fell down on my chair, because i wanted to show you my boots. I mentioned it on my earlier post but there you can't see them very well. They are oldies from my inventory.. but i still like them very much.. It makes sophisticated looks more sporty. ;)
Ohhh and pay attention to the scarf ( same as in earlier post but now in gold)

Top,belt and bag: TDR - R.icielli - TDR GOWILDset (67ld)
Scarf: AddiCt - -[AddiCt]-MINNU Scarf/Golden
Skirt: Emery - Emery - Skirt Black High Waist
Boots: J's - J's 3 way Engineer Boots [beige]

A golden kiss, Nic

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