Sunday, September 18, 2011


La vita è bella :) A trip in Venice is super. The pictures are taken near the Rialto bridge.The man is wearing new clothings, found in Brasil . It is a small world. Shopping in Brasil and a daytrip in Venice at the same day.
Tjip wears clothings that she also weared when she was with Nicandra in Paris ( see post from 1 may this year).
The new clothings for the man are a leather jacket with hoodie sweater, new grey pants, new boots, and a new checkered shirt. And there is much more there in the shop in Brasil. Go have a look guys.

Pants: Avatar Brasil - NL - Jeans Black Wash ( free)
Boots: Avatar Brasil - [NL] Country - Boots Black ( free)
Shirt: Avattar Brasil - NL - Shirt - Regional party - Blue Jacket ( free)
The videocamera i found in Kowloon sim some days ago, but the little market is gone now.

Oh sole mio, i hope you have much sun, Nic

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