Saturday, September 10, 2011

casual look

Because 50 lindens friday shirt from Willow is still there and because i liked my pictures from a trip near the great chinese wall..i decided to post it.

Shirt: Willow - Willow~ Wide Neck Sweaters- Earthy Pack (50linden)
Clogs: Houseof Fox - HouseofFox :: ArchSpineBoots[Black] ( free)
Jeans with belt: Aoharu - AOHARU_Jeans_BoyFriend_DarkBlue ( sale)
Shawl: AddiCt - -[AddiCt]-MINNU Scarf/Soot
Bangles: part of outfit from **Angelic Lefevre Couture** -**Angelic Lefevre Couture**Black Vision dress

And now i take a break, Nic

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