Monday, September 19, 2011


The boys on tour. The sim is alpha point. May be a mesh sim. I don't know for sure, but the buildings are so huge, it must be made with mesh. It is a super fantasy world. If you like wandering through nice places in sl, this is the one you have to explore, like my men did. They saw just a small fraction, because of the photo shoots. )))

New hair,with the cute name Angelo ( angel), you can see on the first picture. That explorer wears a cool sweater too. It came from lucky board at Delirium Style. More nice clothings there for men. The outfit comes with shoes ( shown on the last picture) and the grey jeans. The other explorer shows his new sweater with shirt found on marketplace.(click on pictures to enlarge)

Sweater with shirt: CKW - CKWClubgift-Male-Shirt ( free)
Hair: Gaudi Hair - Gaudi Hair Angelo black
Outfit: Delirium Style - Delirium Style - 3 times lucky LL
Other hairs : Reed ( Uw.St), Brad (MADesigns)
Other pants: Gizza (old groupgift, still there)

Thanks boys, Nic

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