Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sailing was for the Dutch people very important in the past. We love water, sailing and travelling. So..... i love boats and water. :) Yeah i am from Holland and Nereisse too.
Boats are also good for making pictures. hehe.

The skirt ( with nice lace border) and the stockings ( with nice bows) are from lucky flowerchair from !gO!. That shop is cute. The stairs ar made of huge books. Look around .. there are doors for teleport near the entrance of the shop.. there is a freebie door. I can recommend you the avatar/costumes. I like the christmas elf complete avatar ( opposite the luckychairs). When you join the group, you can get a present .
The top is new at Zenith. At the entrance left. Thanks Soraya for the hint.
My boots were long time ago a freebie. And oh boy now very expensive in the shop. But when you are in the subscribe-o-matic.. you can go and click there for other free boots.

Top: Zenith - =Zenith= Orianno Top ( chocolate)
Skirt : !gO! - !gO! linen skirt blue ( free)
Stockings: !gO! - !gO! mini stockings light blue ( free)
Boots: Hoorenbeek - [ hoorenbeek ] cowgirl boots brown

Sail away in your dreams, Nic

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