Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celadon and lemon

Celadon ist the green colour of the floral blouse of tjip. It is the colour of this week on the blog of Luna Jubilee ( 52 weeks of colour change). And i like to join.
The blouse is a gift at "Purplemoon". Everybody is running around there to get the anniversary hunt gown ( total look) but this is also a very nice present.

The sisters are camping in the wood near the seaside. Sim name: Algonquin. Yes, it is beautiful there. Thanks Alice Rhianny for telling me about this place.

And oh boy..... now i see the next week colour is lemon. And that is exactly what Nicandra is wearing already by accident. I hope Luna doesn't mind. Hehe.
Nicandra's outfit with hat and flipflops is from the tossh Hunt. I found it at " a la Folie".
Nic is wearing new hair from Maitreya. And i am saving money as hard as i can for the new shoes Allègre in the golden part of the Maitreya shop. Have a look there.

Floral blouse in Celadon colour: PurpleMoon - :: PM :: Floral Blouse by PurpleMoon ( free)
Hair: Waka& Yuki ( see earlier post) from Hair fair ( free)

Outfit in lemon: AlaFolie - #23 TOSSH Alafolie ( free)
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Jordyn chocolat ( browns dark)

Have a drink at the campfire with us, Nic and tjip


Anichka Savira said...

Very cute looks for both of you. I love the flowy celadon top most though as I tend to prefer greens to yellows.

Lashae Karsin said...

Great idea putting two weeks together in one post!!

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw cute idea and friends pics always fun!

Nicandra Laval said...

Putting two weeks together was just pure accident :)

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