Saturday, July 30, 2011

It is raining cats and dogs, but i am riding on my horse

My favorite sim to drive horse. The weather is bad but not cold. So i need no jacket. My new shirt is wet but that doesn't matter. Enjoying the beautiful surroundings is more important.
The horse is the best designed horse in second life in my opinion. So super realistic!!!!!! I always go take the brown sporthorse demo, because i can tp with it somewhere and drive horse. Be aware not wearing animation overriders. Sit on it where you buy it. Then tp to another sim and ride horse. When you stand up the demo doesn't work anymore. But every time you can go and pick up a new demo. So lovely to make a ride with friends.

Long Hair: Sixty Nine - [69] Mia- Dark Rouge - I recoulored it with edit and texture ( free)
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Nyte'N'Day - Stripods Top & Tank - red ( new)
Pants: ...Scars... - ...Scars... Design Pants [red]
Boots: Duh! - Duh! Women's Leather Cowboy Boots
Belt: MM'Graffity's - ~* MM~* -LB-[White Base]W- Belt+Suspenders
Short Hair: Oh sorry not available anymore it was from Diversity hairs .. designer: Aleri Darks . May be you can write her.
Horse: demo free

Have a good ride with your friends, Nic

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