Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lemon again

Through the eye of the CCTV that guards the shop we see Nicandra looking at a skirt... and yes no money.. but she is not a thief. No money to buy another lemon problem, she is creative. Got a freebie at JANE. Combined it with a white shoulder sweater from Coco ( recoloured it). And also recoloured the white deck shoes. The short pants was a freebie from Adiva. And the belt was already long time in her inventory .. and see: a super lemon sunny and sporty outfit!!!! and no lindens are spended.
But i confess....i still want the yellow skirt from Mon Tissu....properly speaking i realy want ALL the clothings from that shop :) hehe

Shoulder sweater: Coco - *Coco* _Cardigan-on-shoulder_white
Tank: Jane - JANE intrinsic tanks.yellows
Short pants: Adiva - not available any more was a gift
Deck shoes: Boom - *Boom* Deck Shoes (void)
Belt: Malt - .:Malt:. Cinch Buckle Belt (I wear an old belt from malt)

Bye bye all, Nic

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